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Living In:
Gender: Male
Age: 65 years
Member Since: on Jul 12, 2008 at 17:16:35
Last Sign In: on Oct 25, 2017 at 16:00:15
State: Texas
Birth Date: September, 1952
Marital Status: Married
Citizenship: US
Ethnicity: Anglo American
Education: Associates Degree
Profession: Retired
Religion: Christian-Other
Languages: English
About me:
I am happy with my life, content with the material things with which I have been provided, and pleased to be in sound health. I try to be charitable to those who are less fortunate. I have a strong sense of creativity and enjoy expressing myself through writing, and through use of my hands and mind to build things. I like to know who I am in the world, in this place and time, to know where I come from, and who my ancestors were. I enjoy having friends, and enjoy listening to the stories from their lives. I respect others, their experiences and thoughts and opinions.
I like new experiences, new places, new sights, new foods. I like to hear friends tell stories of their lives. I like the four seasons, and to be outside and experience the sights and sounds of the natural world. I like to be inside during a pouring rain. I like to see the vastness of the night sky, especially when I can get away to the country far from city lights. I like to stand on the coast and look out over the ocean. I like to visit the national parks and be filled with the wonder of the natural world. I like to read books about technology, especially about artificial intelligence
I dislike lying and dishonesty in any form. It saddens me to see people engage in self-destructive behavior. I dislike to see dysfunction in government. I am bothered by any form of senseless cruelty. I hate it that there are scammers in the world, and people who steal from others. I cringe when I see charlatans and conmen, and people who pretend to be a friend but only wish to take advantage of you I some way.
I want to live life as fully as I have opportunity to, and to share good things with others. I want to live long and remain healthy and in a sound mind. I'd like to travel more, perhaps take a long, long road trip. I would like to visit other countries.

I have published a short novel, and I am working to revise and expand it, so I have as a goal to finish that project.

I am restoring a 1930s vintage bungalow cottage; I want to see that completed.

I am converting an old riding mower into a two-seat mini-jeep of sorts; I want to finish that project.
Want to be Friends with
Both Males & Females between 34-80 years
from All Countries
having the following qualities:
I would like to make friends with people close to my age, who have a generally positive attitude about the world and about life.
Movies, Biking, Model Building
Classical, Jazz, Rock
Physical Appearance
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Gray
Complexion: White
Height: 5ft-8in
Weight: 170 - 190lbs
Body Type: Average
Smoking: No
Drinking: Casual/Social
Diet: Both Veg. & Non-Veg.
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