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Living In:
Belgium Belgium
Gender: Female
Age: 21 years
Member Since: on Nov 17, 2015 at 15:36:47
Last Sign In: on Oct 17, 2017 at 04:48:02
City: somewhere
State: doesn't apply
Birth Date: March, 1996
Marital Status: In-Relationship
Citizenship: Belgian
Ethnicity: Belgian
Education: Some College
Profession: Student
Religion: Atheist
Languages: English, French
About me:
Hi! I'm a feminist and lgbt+ right defender.
I currently study to become a primary school teacher as I like kids a lot.
I usually have an opnion about people quickly but I'm not always right so come and say hello!
Friendship is something that happens and develops with time, it's not acquired by asking for it
Tv shows: In the flesh, BBCsherlock, Friends, black mirror, yuri!!!on ice
Movies: Sci-fi, fantasy, action, romance, comedy. Anything but horror.
Youtube and youtubers, I like to read a lot and my family and close friends are above anything else in my life. I also love dogs.
Rude/annoying people, close minded people, selfish people.
When you talk to someone and feel as if they don't care.
People who don't read profiles and ask questions about things that can easily be found in it.
When we have an interesting conversation and you change to a much less interesting subject.
People who don't know me asking to talk on any other site.
For people to stop asking from my friendship and instead try to deserve it
Want to be Friends with
Both Males & Females of all ages
from All Countries
having the following qualities:
Good listener, open minded, funny, not easily offended by jokes, not too much into politics or sports
Cooking, Reading
Physical Appearance
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blond
Complexion: White
Height: 5ft-6in
Weight: 155 - 170lbs
Body Type: Few Extra Pounds
Smoking: No
Drinking: Casual/Social
Diet: Both Veg. & Non-Veg.
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