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M 32 Finland
I like CyberFriends a lot. I have made some great friends and with one of them, we have talked about meeting each other one day.
M 79 India
I am suprised at the wonderful work is doing in bringing
people of the world closer. I have had very pleasant letters from
different parts and sometimes I feel sorry for the inadequacy of the
time at my disposal to reply to them.

In fact, it is a source and inspiration to acquire more knowledge of
various countries more. Let be the media to inculcate
frienship among the people of the world. Let it be the light to dispel
darkness and misgivings of people and of nations.
F 59 United-Kingdom
I have found new friends on and I wouldn’t hesitate to
recommend and I have done so already to people I know and love. Thank you
for being a brilliant and easy to use site
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