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F 54 USA
I must admit, I wasn't too sure about this site, thinking, maybe it will
be like some others I've visited and wasn't satisfied with...
Cyberfriends is quite unique in its approach to bring people together,
without feeling pressured, I've made lots of friends & my list continues
to grow. Keep up the good work! I like all the improvements...
F 78 United-Kingdom
I have only been here for a short while but have already made lots of new
friends. Everyone is so eager to share their experiences with you...The
chatroom is great fun..I feel as though we are all pals in there
together. Thanks CyberFriends staff and all you Cyberfriends too.
M 33 USA
Iíve been to many other íchatí sites but none of them are this good, plus CyberFriends has a simple n easy
interface. Its cool that you can come here and be yourself and make friends of every age, race or religion
which is near impossible in a day to day situation. Big up to CyberFriends for giving some of the best friends
iíve ever had.
M 37 USA
I really enjoy my experience on I have made very good and
lasting friendships with people I otherwise wouldnít have been able to meet
on my own. Thank You Cyberfriends!
F 69 USA
Iím in the 50+ range, a group not heavily populating the email airways.
But Cyberfriends is set up to offer more than just age or gender, as most
other penpal groups do. They have a wide variety of categories to choose
from in countries all over the world in an easy to use format. Theyíre
also extremely responsive to the wishes of their group.

I am an inveterate penpaller from way back, and I must say that this group
has provided me with wonderful folks from all over Ė a doctor in Burma, a
teenager in China, a senior citizen in Brazil and now countless invitations
to visit places far away from me.

If you feel trapped in life with the concerns of your own little place closing
in on you, thereís nothing better than to find yourself friends from out of your
area to tell you their story and let you see that the world is wide and
filled with folks wanting you as their friends. And Cyberfriends is just
the place to give you that.
M 38 Algeria
Thank you so mach for this website, really I like it and I love so much.
With this site, I have made a lot friends form all over the world, and I also
made a pulication for this site; all my friends now know it and they are
so proud to be mebers of this great web site. Thank you again my lovely site!!
F 51 USA
I just wanted you to know that I enjoy your site very much. It has given
me hours of laughter and many great new friends. It is nice to see how
this site can bring together so many people from different countries and

I have watched many Cyberfriends fall in love, get married, have
children, and live their daily lives. It has been a joy to be involved in
this even if it is only through text.
F 48 Italy
I love!!! It's like to be in a bar having coffee with friends.
A sort of "friends-family". I have met wonderful people, the spirit here is friendship, real and clean one.
Go on this way and i'll stay at forever ;)
F 30 Indonesia
Cyberfriend is the best friendship website I have ever known. It has a
lot of things that no other friendship website has! Cyberfriends is also
simple and easy to use. It makes it possible to get the complete information
of other members, so we know what kind of people they are! But our privacy is
safe! We can put our pic too, so if you want a beautiful or handsome friend,
thatís gonna be so easy! Itís a lot of fun to have new friends and
makes it very easy to do that!!
F 32 Germany
I think is the best site to find new friends from all
over the world. Iíve met so nice people here and hopefully Iíll meet more
in future, too.

Itís nice to be able to chat with people from Africa, Germany, Ireland
and so on.. There are people here on Cyberfriends that really know how to
cheer you and make you laugh. So Iím very glad that Iíve met those people.
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