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M 45 France
I am a member at CF since September 2005, I must say I am very surprised and happy. Due to CF,
I met some marvellous persons. Thanks !
F 75 USA
Yes, is the greatest!
Just recently I met one of my friends from CyberFriends. I live in New York and she lives in Australia.
She came to New York to visit relatives, and also arranged to meet me. We spent several hours together, and
even went shopping at a mall together. It was great!
F 48 United-Kingdom
I joined CyberFriends approximately one year ago and found it to be a very friendly site.
I have met 3 very close and genuine friends and still keep intouch with them regulary . I think it's
amazing to be able to reach people , from the comfort of your own home ... though it's virtual reality ,
the friendships I have made have been real, true and lasting.
M 84 Canada
Beyond any doubt, CF is the best friendship site on the net.
Most, if not all, of their competitors, fall far short of the mark, when it comes to a safe, harrasment-free portal,
to quality cyberfriends around the world..
F 67 Australia
What a great web site this is, I have only been with
CF for a little over one month and have made some
wonderful new friends from different parts of the world. The
people are just so welcoming and friendly.
M 83 United-Kingdom
After reading all those glowing testimonials there's not a lot more one
can add, but I do second all those comments, I too have made some good
friends and all within a month..and the advantages of being a VIP is a
great asset...Continue with the excellent service CF's and I shall remain
a VIP.
F 61 USA
I have been on here a long time and met many people who have come and gone. I enjoy my time here, and have many
wonderful people I enjoy talking with. It is a great site, I hope it stays that way.
F 71 USA
This is a very nicely done site.
F 37 United-Kingdom
i have been a member of CF for just over 2 years now & i have made some great friends.
At first, I was too sure but I thought I would give it a chance & I am glad I did.
There are some great ppl on here & I have made alot of friends. It is a great site to be on &
I m glad I joined as i would have never met the great friends i have now...
F 54 USA
I must admit, I wasn't too sure about this site, thinking, maybe it will
be like some others I've visited and wasn't satisfied with...
Cyberfriends is quite unique in its approach to bring people together,
without feeling pressured, I've made lots of friends & my list continues
to grow. Keep up the good work! I like all the improvements...
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