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2018 Travel Plans
M 59 United-Kingdom
As winter begins to take a grip and the cold, dark nights close in, my thoughts start to turn to the return of spring and summer, and pleasant travel plans to sunnier climes. Anybody else out there have any vacations planned, or dreamed of, for next year yet?

At the end of April my wife and I will be visiting our timeshare in Madeira. it will be, I don't know, our eighth, tenth visit, and for only the second time it coincides with the island's annual flower festival: a riot of colour and gaiety, with inventive floral displays decorating the centre of Funchal, the capital city, and on the final Sunday a great procession through the city streets with floats, music, equestrian skills and the queen of the festival waving to the crowds from her carriage.

In June I'm hoping to snatch a weekend in Vilnius, the elegant capital of Lithuania. This will be my third visit, but my first with my wife; she adores amber, and Baltic amber is finest in the world, with dozens of shops and stalls selling jewellery and decorations made from this beautiful, glowing substance.

My big holiday of the year will be in the autumn, a tour of North America. I think this will be my last trip across the Atlantic and I want to make the most of it. Following a return visit to delightful Toronto and breathtaking Niagara Falls, I plan to visit New York (for the first time this century!) and Washingtion DC, for the first time. I'm also arranging first meetings with two valued penfriends.

If only I could hibernate for the next four months and wake up again to new life abounding, lambs frolicking, daffodils blooming in profusion, and my first holiday of the year only weeks away.
on Nov 13, 2017 at 11:35:04
F 57 USA
I took a trip with a sister this year to New Jersey, New York and Washington DC. Having been to Niagara Falls in the past, if you haven't done so, taking a helicopter ride over the Falls is awesome and I hear now they have zip lines if you prefer. Take some time in DC. There's an awful lot to take in and do.

In 2018, my plans include adding 3 more US states to my bucket list of seeing them all. After that, getting to see the western side of Canada is going to be fun as I'll be with penfriends that I can't wait to meet in person. I'm really looking forward to it.
on Nov 14, 2017 at 11:30:56
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